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Our Adoption Policy

Anyone interested in adopting an animal from the Humane Society
of Sandusky County must follow these steps for adoption:

You must be willing to come in person to our facility and meet the animal. At that time if adopting, you will fill out the appropriate paperwork. Out of town and state adoptions are welcome, but the same guidelines apply. There will be no online or over the phone adoptions.
All members of the family (including the furry ones) must also visit with the animal before the adoption will be approved to ensure compatibility with the household. Visiting animals must be accompanied with current vaccination records.
Upon adoption, the animal will be scheduled for the spay/neuter surgery. Most of our animals have been altered but puppies and kittens are not.
Two trips to the Humane Society will be required. One for completing the adoption application and visiting with the animal and the second to pick up the animal after surgery.
The person(s) responsible for the animal, actual owner(s), will be required to be here in person to pay for the adoption and sign the paperwork. No adoption will be approved as a gift. Payment in cash or by check only.
There will be no refunds after the adoption is finalized.
These policies are final. We do our best to find a suitable home for each and every animal up for adoption.

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