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Surrendering an Animal


HSSC operates an adoption service . We accept unwanted pets from SANDUSKY COUNTY residents ONLY! We will only accept owner released dogs, all strays must go to the Dog Pound. Cats are adopted by appointment.
What is the process?

Please CALL FIRST for an appointment. You will be asked to bring in any vet records you have for your pet, or provide the name of your vet so we can call for the records. There is a release form and a pet profile that has to be filled out. The pet profile helps us to place the animal in a compatible home. The more information you provide about your pet, the better chance we have for a permanent placement with a new family. 

We ask for a donation when bringing an animal into the HSSC.
Suggested donation of $30 for cat/kitten, $75 for litters of 3 or more
Suggested donation of $40 for dog/puppy, $80 for litters of 3 or more 

Any donation that you can give will be greatly appreciated and is much needed. This money goes to (food/water, vaccines, spay/neuter).
Which animals are good candidates for adoption?

Healthy, well-adjusted, younger animals get adopted very quickly. We accept kittens and puppies over the age of 8 weeks old, but we encourage the owner to get the mother spayed to avoid a repeat of the problem. We will do our part to help you place your babies into a good home, but we need you to do your part and get your animal spayed. We do not like to take in any cats/dogs over the age of 5 years old. It is very difficult for us to find them homes when they are that age. They also do not adjust well to a shelter environment after having once been a part of a long-term family. They typically become depressed, withdrawn, and will stop eating. With that said, we ask that the owner try to find an alternative home with family or friends. 

Which animals are NOT good candidates for adoption?

We do not accept animals which have bitten someone. We do not accept animals that are aggressive. Animals that may bite strangers out of fear should not be surrendered. 

Once an animal is surrendered to the HSEC no more information about the animal will be given to you. We will not adopt the animal back to you once you have signed it over to the HSSC.